About A Nerd Who Loves a Llama

Growing up I was a nerdy, fat, awkward kid. I had glasses. My mom dressed me funny. I liked to read. I didn't play sports. I wasn't like the other kids.

Now, I'm a nerdy, fat, awkward adult. I wear glasses. I dress my own self funny. I love books and I still don't play sports. Mostly, I'm also still not like the other 'kids'.

I own the term 'nerd' now, Thanks to the turn in the social culture and the rise of the hipster, I feel like I finally can be obsessive in the open.

I love food - the act of preparing, growing, processing, braising, cooking, baking, stirring, chopping and then the eating. Oh, the eating. The feel of amazing food in your mouth, invading your senses. The shared ecstatic noises of food shared among friends. The total exhaustion and utter glee of collapsing on the couch after a fully planned, prepared and produced meal. Good food is like sex, it's always pretty fucking fantastic, but sometimes it leaves you spent, full and unreasonably smug.

The kitchen is my studio, my office, my war room.

I love art. I very specifically love yarn and fiber. Knitting calms me when my mind gets going to quickly or I'm trying to muddle through some intense emotional moment. My creations are form that follows function. I get lost in yarn stores just wanting to rub my face in all of it, dive into it like Scrooge McDuck.

I love getting lost. Saying "I love travel" doesn't carry the right sentiment. I get lost on purpose. Take the side roads even if it takes me longer. An occasional misanthrope, but I love the places I find myself on accident and I do like to make strangers laugh.

I find as I get older, I am more militant about equality, language, bigotry and injustice. I find it harder and less necessary to hold my tongue.

I'm a nerd, an obsessive, a lover of all the things I love without shame.

The llama part is a kind of affectation. Llamas are a kind of animal, like a sloth, that is too odd, too funny looking to take itself too seriously. I think if I were an animal, I would be a llama.

I will make no apologies for my content, my language or my sincere hope that I manage to kindly offend people who don't agree with my philosophies on life. I also hope you find the information contained to be useful at worst and entertaining at best.

With love,

The Nerd Llama