Friday, March 8, 2013

Drunk Tank : Palate Wrecker Hamilton's Ale

The Drunk Tank will be a regular feature on this blog for beers and spirits I try at home (more likely) or if I remember to take notes at the bar (less likely). Being that I live within stumbling distance of places like The Porter and The Midway Pub, I don't lack for options for a good draft but I do like drinking beer and playing video games in my pjs on my couch, so I am not much of a beer 'snob' and will try anything once.

The Beer: Palate Wrecker Hamiltion's Ale
The Brewery: Greenflash Brewery
The Consumption: Straight out of the bottle - classy as fuck. 

The Verdict: When they say "palate wrecker" they are NOT kidding. Not for casual Saturday afternoon drinking, but not terrible as long as you like your hops aggressive and on the nose.

Calling this beer just 'hoppy' is like calling that scary rabbit demon from Donnie Darko a 'bunny'. The moment the top came off I found myself turning my head away from the opening, like they teach you to do in high school chemistry class. Did I mention hoppy, 'cause yeah.

I think that my first mistake was that it was too cold. I prefer my hoptastic beers to be in the almost impossible to maintain sweet spot between just out of the fridge and just over the line into warm. For that beautiful moment, it was forceful at first but the finish was smooth and intense. Too cold and it was sharp and unappealing. Too warm and it left an odd after taste that would have made it impossible to pair with anything if you still wanted to taste your food. In that middle it was a well crafted IPA with a punch of hops.

I'm unlikely to go back to this particular beer again, but it did peak my interest in what else Greenflash has to offer.

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