Sunday, April 7, 2013

Getting Dirty - First Planting of the Year

Its been a wonderful weekend of beautiful Georgia spring weather- long walks, good friends, happy laughter, cold beer, giant pillow fights that got broken up by the cops, the first sunburn of the season and the best thing about spring - planting in the dirt.

I love to be outside, prefer it to inside in most every instance when the weather is warm. Today was the first day it felt right to get some new annuals in the ground and plant some herbs and greens. I ended up with some tomatoes as well. Our landlord already has some beautiful landscaping, but that means I'm working around established plants I don't want to take out of the ground. So, its container gardening for this season.
Having moved in over the winter, and with some big, old gorgeous hardwoods in the yard I'm only vaguely sure where I can plant, so boxes on the ground are out for the moment.

Planning where the pots go before I started filling them.

Today's trip to the plant store:
I took my own basket to the plant store. This is how I keep from buying too much.

Moss rose
Creeping phlox
Citrus mint
Red lettuce
Bibb lettuce
Spicy basil
Roma tomatoes
Big boy tomatoes
Hybrid cherry tomatoes

You can barely see the new phylox at the edge of the bed. Romas (left) Grape tomatoes (right)

Super artsy photo of the new lettuce bed down the back path
Wild backyard. I'm cleaning it up a little, but I like all the mounding clover and pretty little flowers.

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