Thursday, November 1, 2012

Once More Into November

It's November and every November since 2009 I have embarked on some sort of writing kick in the ass like NaNoWriMo and the only time I have succeeded was in 2009. The last couple of years my attempt has been at NaBloPoMo. Failing entirely at each attempt. This year - I have a plan.

Keeping it simple, I made time to write. My schedule is already pretty damn full. I work 40+ hours a week at a stuffy corporate job, I'm a parent, have pets, a house, a knitting habit. Writing hasn't been a priority for me since just after college. Online journals like Livejournal were my introduction into blogging, but also my first social media experience; I was on LJ because my friends were and it wasn't MySpace.  Then Facebook shows up and I migrated there because it was the new thing, then Twitter and Google+. Every new outlet less useful, but it had the feel like I was keeping up with my tribe, following the lives of those I cared about. Referencing "did you see what she posted on FaceBook" and "that comment thread on G+" as part of my normal in-person conversation.

About a week ago, on the heels of some poor communication within my social circle, I started to look at how I was communicating and interacting with my tribe and realized that I was using social media in place of actual investment in the people I cared for or was simply interested in. On the other side, people only knew me through the snipets posted to my wall.

I decided that I would break off my use of social media - FaceBook and Google+ primarily as I gave up Twitter some time ago. Uninstalled the apps from my phone, removed them from the browser history and made a pact with myself that when I wanted to go and scan those sites I would do something more creative. Work on bits of blog posts, write emails to friends, send a text message. Not as great as picking up the phone and calling or meeting for a beer, but it is a more personal, directed and chosen way to interact with technology. Or, I go read reddit or my blog feeds or anything that actually introduces me to new things outside the microcosm of my social circle.

Which loops me back to NaBloPoMo - it's my choice over social media. If people want to get to know me, this is a much better place. I want to use these next thirty days to find my voice again. Create something with words. Put myself out there with more than 100 words about my daily slog.

Welcome aboard. I'm glad you're here.


  1. I agree with you that each new thing seemed to get less useful. Livejournal was the best, I found the blogging and social media together very pleasing. I can do that a little on Google +, but not on facebook. Blogging is great, but only a few people I actually know read my blog, so there is this weird feeling that the people I am talking to are not real, because I don't know them.

    I wish I could do what you are doing, walking away from facebook and +. I have a problem, to the tune of about 4 hours a day. It does not make me happy, in fact social media often makes me anxious and angry. But doing a post or getting a comment gives me just enough of a pleasure high that I keep doing it. Recently I have been making a real effort to interact with humans in person thinking that would help, but so far not so much.

  2. It has been harder to walk away from G+ then FB. I have found myself wanting to make some little snippet post about something neat that I am doing or seeing or just want to express and not having an outlet. So, I started texting the people in my life who I thought might actually enjoy looking or hearing about that thing.

    " in fact social media often makes me anxious and angry" - this is the reason I wanted to walk away for a bit. Not just the time suck part but the fact that reading about certain things and from certain people lead to reading between the lines and making stuff up about them or the concept or what they weren't saying. I cheated and went to G+ this morning as I was waiting in line for coffee and found that after the 10min it took to reinstall and log in, I didn't find anything interesting there and once again felt angry/annoyed. So, I deleted it again and went and found a word game that is more fun and potentially educational.

    1. I enjoy reading your blog too & pleased your have a plan to stay with it. Call, text email your Mom...